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Welcome to the Practice Discipleship archives. As we are building a library of training materials we want to share with you all that we have in regards to each session. There are curriculums and  full recordings of training sessions used in the Practice Discipleship Initiative, to be used individually or with groups. All videos were recorded live, so you may hear references to specific training sites.

Practical information - when you click on the links below you will find a description of the training as well as a table below it containing the resources related to that topic. On one side you'll find the curriculum, PowerPoints, etc. that would allow YOU to lead the training. On the other side - labeled "Plug and Play," are the resources that are ready to use by simply pressing start to watch a video, webinar, etc. that were a part of that year's theme.  We hope this will be a helpful way to dive into the incredible resources available to everyone. 

Archives Available:

PD Resources used at the ELCA Youth Gathering
PD 2012: Opportunity or Despair: Youth Ministry at the Crossroads
PD 2013: Faith Formation in a Missional Age 
PD 2014: Frame
PD 2015: Story

How Do I Use This Material?

The links above will take you to the trainings for each year of Practice Discipleship so far. The PD 2016 curriculum is being used by our Practice Discipleship Coaches to offer trainings in your synod. 

Past training sessions can be used with all types of groups, including:

  • Church councils
  • Confirmation guide training
  • Adult forums
  • Parenting retreats
  • Sunday school teacher orientation
  • Networking events with youth workers
  • Summer mission trip preparation

    ...there is no limit to how these can be used!
Please note: Practice Discipleship coaches might offer training sessions that differ in content from what is posted in these links. If you can't find the curriculum that was used in your synod, contact your Practice Discipleship Coach.

Tips for using videos/webinars with groups:

  • Preview the video
  • Pause playback at appropriate times to allow for discussion
  • Remind participants that these were recorded live, in a certain setting, at a certain time so they understand any unique references that are made.

If possible, we recommend using the Curriculum scripts for these training sessions for use with groups.

Videos can be downloaded for use offline using programs such as Real Player.

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