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Workshop FAQ's

Questions often asked about workshops:

Q:  Do workshop leaders get paid to present their workshops?

A:  No.  The culture of the Network is that we are all there to help each other out.  So workshop leaders present their resources and experiences as a gift into the community.  And we are very grateful for that gift!

Q:  It seems like sometimes workshop leaders are there more to promote their materials than to teach us new stuff.  Is that supposed to be the case?

A:  Again, no.  Workshop leaders are asked to present their materials.  Of course, in the process of doing that, they may point towards other resources, including those that they have developed.  (We're assuming, after all, that they are the 'experts.') And that's ok.  However, the workshops are not intended to be "infomercials" for other resources.  

Q:  A couple of  years ago, some of the workshops "closed" due to capacity in the rooms.  What's up with that?

A:  We do our best to predict which workshops will be the larger attended ones, and then plan our space accordingly.  Of course, that's totally a guessing game, and sometimes, regretfully, we miss the mark.  

Q:  Are the handouts/materials from the workshops available?

A:  We are going to attempt to make those resources all available on our resource-sharing site,  

Q:  I'd like to present a workshop.  How do I do that?

A:  Great question!  Go to our workshop proposal page and submit a form!  And thank you!

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