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Network Membership Discounts
Discounts are provided to members of our Network by a variety of our partners. We are very grateful to them for providing these discounts and for making their events, trainings or products even more accessible! When you make use of these discounts, please be sure to thank them! 

Benefit:  A free membership in the Hertz #1 Gold Club and discounts and car rentals.  Membership = a $50 value!
  1. Go to the Gold Club business membership site.  (To make reservations online, use this address as well.
  2. Click on the fee-waived Hertz #1 Gold Club Application button and you will be sent to a secure site.
  3. There, you will need to enter the company name:  ELCA Youth Ministry Network.
  4. The Network CDP - ID number is 1274608
  5. the Pin Code is:  bapgold
  6. Answer "I consent" to all the legal questions, give a credit card to be billed at the time of rental and you're all set!

For every 5 rental days, the Network gets a free rental day, which will help keep administrative costs at Extravaganza and other events down.  So rent away!  When you rent, you will receive the lowest available rate.  

  Impression Media Group
Benefit:  15% off of the regular non-profit organization rate.

Impression Media Group is a full-service design and media company, specializing in print, web and video for non-profit organizations.  They have done extensive work with the ELCA Youth Ministry Network, including the Extravaganza program books and the Connect Journal.  For more information, visit their web site, or call them at 425.785.3374
    Lutheran Life Coaching
Explore all that God has in store for you and your ministry. Dawn Trautman, a trained life coach, leads small groups of church professionals as they support and challenge one another through regular interactive conference calls. Structured as professional development, group members serve as each others’ sounding board, hold one another accountable, and learn from one another on topics of shared interest.

Dawn draws upon over a decade of ELCA youth ministry experience and Masters Degrees in Youth & Family Ministry (Luther Seminary) and Organizational Psychology (New York University). Group coaching is being offered at a discounted rate of $45 per month to Network Members.

More information is available at: Lutheran Life Coach

Benefit:  10% off of monthly fee and 15 extra days of the free trial.

Young people live on their cell phones.  Text messaging has become the new norm in communicating.  TxtSignal is a company that can help you communicate by text with your whole group.  You can create groups:  Bible study groups...mission trip high...jr. high...your youth gathering name it. It's permission based.  You invite your young people to sign up to receive your texts.  

You can send group messages immediately, or schedule them to go out at a specific time.  Send out reminders...send out daily devotions...  The plan works with all of the major and almost all of the minor phone services.   And there are a variety of plans to match the size and needs of your group.  

Just go to the TxtSignal web site and when prompted for a promotional code, please enter ELCA. 

  Youth Leadership
Benefit:  10% off of any training event

Youth Leadership has graciously offered Network members 10% discounts on any of its training events.  To receive your discount, please attach a note indicating that you are a member of the Network.  

The Network thanks Youth Leadership for its partnership in the training and equipping of youth ministry professionals and volunteers around the country!  

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