Practicing Creativity: Cultivating Imagination

In the midst of change, clinging to the past or attempting to control the present limits our ability to see the Spirit’s movement and envision the future of God’s church. As co-creators with God, wonder and awe are critical capacities leaders need for discerning God’s presence in the world. This interactive track will offer a theological framework while cultivating imagination through play and creative practices.

Track Leader: Rev. Brenda Bos

Choose this track if you want to be more creative in ministry.

Title Description Takeaway Presenter
Running in Sprinklers: Watercolor Empathy* This workshop will return play and creativity to Baptism. It will do so by pursuing authentic relationships and diversity with others who share in the waters of Baptism by cultivating imagination through watercolor painting. (Watercolor supplies provided.) Participants will learn an art process for exploring interpersonal differences and practice awareness of inclusivity and get tools to lead others in imaginative empathy and the creative process. Joseph CastaƱeda Carrera
Knot Tying 101: How Camp Creates Tethers to Christ and Community Summer camp may only last a week, but the experiences and stories change us forever. This workshop offers a glimpse of outdoor ministry's unique ability to inspire creativity, stretch our vision and self-awareness, and forge lasting bonds of Christian community. Participants will engage in playful brainstorms, explore mountains of metaphors for meaning-filled activities, and feel the lasting effects that only a temporary community can provide....and yes, you'll learn how to tie some knots too! Jen Bacher
Make a Joyful Noise! Music Ministry for Special Needs Children and Adults God loves all people, yet we do not always know how to engage all people in meaningful ministry. This workshop will address how to create a special needs music ministry based on Katy's experience at Clairemont Lutheran Church. Participants will receive a step-by-step guide for creating a special needs music program at their home church, experience a live demonstration, and have the opportunity to ask the Rise & Shine singers questions. Katherine Lundeen
Creating Space for God's Story to Stick Humans desire to connect to one another, and stories help us do that! Not only is there power in telling stories, but God's story can connect people across the borders of life. This workshop will help participannts learn practical and creative skills on how to use storytelling in worship (No more children's sermons!), why storytelling is effective, and how to use art to help connect people to God's story and each other. Participants will learn how to integrate the power story and the connectivity of art into the life of the congregation. Heather Roth Johnson
Scripture Tableau In this workshop participants will create a Scripture Tableau in which "players" portray a biblical story in freeze-frame poses. Join us for this creative and kinesthetic Bible study. Even those who don't want to be a player will be active interpreters! Participants will take away a new understanding of a biblical story and be equipped to lead this kind of Bible study in other settings. Shauna Hannan
What Kids Can Teach Us About Imagination We are born curious with wild imaginations. Jesus reminded his disciples that the kin-dom of God comes about when we become like children. This workshop will practice the gift of imagination, as well as other important gifts that children remind us are essential to the kin-dom. Participants will leave with practical ways for children's gifts to be recognized and lead change in the church. Janelle Hooper
Using Improv to Sharpen Your Ministry Tools Y'all play games, lead team building activities, write curriculum, preach, teach, and so much more. What you may not do it improv. In this workshop, participants will discover how improv can heighten connections with your audience and strengthen the foundation of Faith Formation in your ministry. Participant will learn ways to take small & large groups into deeper and more meaningful connections/conversations using concepts of improv as tools that can be used repeatedly for all ages. Michael Odegaard
Bible Stories in Our Context What if Pentecost happened at a music festival? What if the Woman at the Well met Jesus at a laundromat? This workshop will consider re-telling our favorite Bible stories from our own perspective, with our own cast of characters in our own settings. Participants will practice reading the Bible from personal perspective and context and see Jesus in new ways. They will also bring these skills and inspiration back to their youth and watch them shine. Pastor Brenda Bos and Jasmine Waring
The Art of HeART In this workshop participants will experience the heartfelt art of story. Through creative characterization and comedic storytelling, participants will witness and be recipients of the powerful effect creativity has on us. Take a journey and learn to lead a journey through the art of character-driven storytelling. Participants will discover the storyteller within themselves as they witness and are the recipient of the power of character-driven storytelling. Terey Summers
From Within This workshop will allow participants to dive deep and find tools within themselves that they can use to revitalize their worship experience. Connecting to text/scripture, they will discover how to make text/scripture audible. Participants will leave with ideas and tools to make text/scripture audible, including a song book and "The Worship Leader's 10 Laws to Bridge Building." Tyra "Tyralucia" Dennis
Playing in the Sacred "Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace." Matthew 11:29 (the Message) This workshop draws participants into this verse. Come and practice your beautiful relationship with God, and learn ways of seeing and experiencing the movement of God in your life and the world.
Participants will leave with usable and creative ideas and ways of practicing awareness of God for yourself and others (and a relaxed and refreshed self!). Andrea Fieldhouse-Griner
La Frontera: Story, Art and ActionIn a region where fear-mongering has exploited people’s ability to survive and thrive, we are confronted with not only the borders of our lands but also the borders of our hearts and actions. Come explore La Frontera through personal stories, art, and action.Participants will take away a creative framework to dwell in people’s narratives and ways to act for justice no matter their location.Pastor Manuel Retamoza & Sister Michelle Walka

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