Practicing Leadership: Caring for Self and Community

The demands of leading ministry in today’s changing times are diverse and expansive, stretching most leaders beyond their training and expertise. Leading well requires discerning how to care for one’s self while also attending to the ministry needs of the community. This track will assist leaders in cultivating a long-term view of ministry leadership that integrates personal wellness, leadership development, and ministry commitments.

Track Leader: Bishop Kristen Kuempel

Choose this track if you need spiritual renewal and leadership development.

"Go Outside and Play!"It's no accident that the happiest countries on earth are Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. They practice "friluftsliv" or fresh air life and spend as much time as possible outdoors. Avoid what doctors now call "nature deprivation disorder" and with your young people become healthy in body, mind, and spirit! This workshop will give you reason (and ideas) for getting outside!Participants will leave with lots of ideas for personal "fresh-air-life" and ways to make it foundational in faith formation.David Ellingson
Enneagram: Transformational Tool for Life & MinistryLearn how the Enneagram can be used as a deeply spiritual tool for life and ministry with colleagues, staff, volunteers, parents, family, friends, young adults and high school youth. This workshop will show how the gifts of the Enneagram are to develop self-knowledge, to recognize parts of our personality, to improve relationships and to grow in compassion for ourselves and others.Participants will leave with basic info about the Enneagram: expanded self-knowledge, self-acceptance and the ability to accept and have compassion for people who are different than them; a clearer idea of who they are, what they can become and how they relate to others; an understanding of conflict in a different way and clearer paths for moving forward; and a pathway for spiritual transformation.

Desta Goehner
Treat Yourself: Things That MatterIn this workshop we'll focus on healthy boundaries during your on and off times; learn ways to set boundaries in an existing organization; discuss ideas to implement as a new practice; and talk about how not to feel guilty about saying no. Participants will leave with peace of mind, less guilt, and practical ways to implement boundaries and self-care. Becky Cole & Taryn Hauglie
Staying Power: Creating Longevity in Your Youth Ministry Without Losing Your MindMinistry can be difficult-spiritually, emotionally, and physically draining. Too many of leaders simply try to survive, instead of thrive in ministry. This workshop will share practical advice on how to take care of yourself in order to avoid the dreaded "burnout" and build healthy longevity in ministry. Participants will leave with tools and strategies that focus on self-care, forgiveness, and positive communication with their Pastor and church leadership. Jeff "Spanky" Amlotte
Mental Health and the Church Statistics show that more than likely, we all know someone who suffers from a mental illness. In this workshop, the speaker will share her own story of living as a daughter of a woman who lives daily with a mental illness. In sharing our own stories, we help to break the stigma surrounding mental illness.Participants will discuss and explore ways to help each other walk the mental health journey. Participants will come away with resources to use in their own settings. Tara Ulrich
Chills, Thrills and Skills of Being in Ministry! It’s a job BUT, it’s so much more! What is ministry success according to you? Your supervisor? Your parents? Your children and youth? Let’s take a deep dive into our passions, ministry, and spiritual drives. This workshop will help participants enhance what they do and know why they do it! Participants will leave with a deeper since of doing what they do and knowing why they do it!Lyle Griner
Playing in the Sacred"Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace." Matthew 11:29 (the Message) This workshop draws participants into this verse. Come and practice your beautiful relationship with God, and learn ways of seeing and experiencing the movement of God in your life and the world.
Partcipants will leave with usable and creative ideas and ways of practicing awareness of God for yourself and others (and a relaxed and refreshed self!).Andrea Fieldhouse-Griner
From WithinThis workshop will allow participants to dive deep and find tools within themselves that they can use to revitalize their worship experience. Connecting to text/scripture, they will discover how to make text/scripture audible. Participants will leave with ideas and tools to make text/scripture audible, including a song book and "The Worship Leader's 10 Laws to Bridge Building."Tyra "Tyralucia" Dennis
Practicing Moving Forward While Embracing Not Being PerfectFeeling stuck in work/life? Tired of feeling TIRED in all you do? What if God worked through our "imperfections" to serve God's will? Imagine a world where EVERYONE understood themselves as BELOVED of God, GIFTED by God and INVITED by God into God's work of loving and healing the world! This workshop is an opportunity learn skills that can be a catalyst for both personal and communal change in life and ministry. Participants will experience the transformative skill of coaching. What is your God-given potential in life? What difference would it make to have someone journey with you as you discover, name and live into these things? Join us and move forward for the good of the world!Renew - create an environment for participants to safely share their failures and vulnerability, to be met where they are in their faith and leadership journey, and to connect with God and a community of faith. Educate - introduce participates to a process of addressing complex challenges; equip participants to guide their own learning and leading; and resource participants in areas that help them lead in their context. Connect - connect participants to other leaders working on similar ministry goals and to people who can support and resource them.Jill Beverlin
Family and Church and Their Roles in the Formation of our SexualityOur family of origin and the way we were socialized plays a key role in our sexuality and our understanding of relationships. In this workshop we will have the opportunity to explore those in an individualized way. We then will learn how the church can take on those same roles and either continue to lift us up or harm us. With this knowledge we will explore how we make a church a healing ground and innovator for healthy sexuality.Participants will be able to come up with at least three ways that they can implement healthy sexuality in different groups within their church community. Participants will be able to identify at least two ways church and family have affected the way we view and live out our sexuality.Kara Haug
Love Big: The Power of Revolutionary Relationships to Heal the WorldTo love big is to love ourselves deeply and passionately, to love others across the lines set up to divide us, and to seek out revolutionary relationships that inspire healing and transformation. When we love big, our minds are roused, our hearts are repaired, our bodies are reformed, and our souls are restoredParticipants will explore: Deepening your love for yourself; Engaging others from different backgrounds; How love leads us to personal, communal, and societal healing and transformation; and Skills to enrich and expand your relationships and your engagement in issues of injustice.Rozella Haydée White
Behavioral FinancesBehavioral Finances combines psychology and finances to help us identify why we flourish or struggle with money. We have come to understand that financial well-being does not come from managing your money. It comes from managing the motions behind money. So let’s begin to figure out where it all starts!Participants will learn the basics of Behavioral Finances, and gain an understanding on managing the "motions behind money."Cathy Schibler

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