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Workshop FAQ's

Questions frequently asked about workshops:

  • Do workshop leaders get paid to present their workshops?
    No. The culture of the Network is that workshops provide a platform for us to share with each other our learnings from ministry, So workshop leaders present their resources and experiences as a gift into the community. We are very grateful for that gift!

  • Do workshop leaders get free registration, housing or reimbursed for travel expenses?
    No. The culture of the Network is that workshop presenters are part of the community, and the gathering of the community is an opportunity to resource each other. It’s what we do, and the gift is deeply appreciated! Workshop leaders need to take of their own arrangements for registration, housing and travel. If your ministry does not have funds for registration, you are encouraged to apply for a scholarship.

  • Are workshop designed to promote workshop leader’s materials?
    No. Workshop leaders are asked to present on a topic they are passionate about and that matters to ministry. Of course, in the process of doing that, workshop leaders may point towards resources, including those that they have developed. (We know some have published resources in this area.') And that's ok. However, workshops are not intended to be "infomercials."

  • Will workshops "close" due to capacity in the rooms?
    The learning team does its best to assign workshops according to their estimated attendance however, they are working with different sized rooms at each hotel and cannot always predict which workshops will draw the largest numbers. If a workshop is “closed” it is because the room capacity has been meet and we are concerned with safety.

  • Are the handouts/materials from the workshops available?
    All presenters are asked to provide some resource related to their workshop on our resource-sharing site,

  • I'd like to present a workshop. How do I do that?
    Great question!  Go to our workshop proposal page and submit a form!  And thank you!

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