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The Learning Team is looking for workshop proposals that will fit into the theme of “Holding Loosely”. The format is for both on-site and on-line participation. There will be on-site presenters and on-line presenters. The on-line format is a 15-minute TED-talk style presentation with a 45-minute follow-up direct conversation with the workshop leader and possible breakout rooms for further reflections. Workshops will overlap, so participants can choose to “attend” (on-line) three of the presentations within an hour, or to linger longer at one or more that caught their interest. The on-site workshops will follow a similar format, with one full hour with those in attendance, and will be broadcast to all on-line attendees to fully participate as well. 

We are taking this theme to heart, and are Holding Loosely to the theme itself. So there are no pre-defined tracks or any specific type of workshops we are seeking. We know that you have become experts at Holding Loosely to programming, expectations, timelines, structures, and so much more. We want you to tell us about it! How are you Holding Loosely and what have you learned which you can share with others?

Since we’re now living in a largely video world, that’s how we’re asking to receive your workshop proposals this year. So, make a video that tells us, in about 3 minutes, what you want to teach us in your 15 minute presentation, and how you could expand that to a 45 minute follow-up conversation. Your video to us will show us how you present on-line, so prepare well and get us as excited as you are about your topic! If you are available and open to coming to Minneapolis to present on-site, please let us know in your video. All proposals are due by Thursday, September don’t wait - get started now and send in your proposals! More details and links will be listed below. We on the Extravaganza Learning Team are excited to hear all your ideas! Here’s to a fabulous and amazing Extravaganza 2021!!

The Details: 

  1. All proposals are due on Thursday, September 17th

  2. First, prepare and record your proposal video. Be sure to save it as mp4

  3. Then, fill out this Google Form: It will prompt you to upload your video.

  4. If you have any trouble with any part of this process, please email for help!

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