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The Hyatt Regency - Jacksonville Riverfront

We are excited to be at this newly renovated riverfront property in the heart of Jacksonville's downtown. With three restaurants and a bar on site and dozens within walking distance we are looking forward to an exciting time in Jacksonville.

Things to Do in Jacksonville

  • Skyway - This free monorail system connects both the North and South bank. A 12-minute walk opens the entire city.
  • Rent a Bike - The hotel rents bikes for up to 24 hours. The riverwalk in front of the hotel is a bike path. Feel free to explore.
  • Visit MOSH - The Museum of Science and History is only $5 on Fridays. Take the Skyway to the south bank.
  • Sweet Pete's - You will need the 20 minute walk after being a (big) kid in a candy store.
  • The Beach - It's 32 minutes by car, an hour by public transit, but with high temperatures of 64, why not.
  • St. Johns River Taxi & Tours - Hop on the St. Johns River Taxi for downtown transportation or just to see the sights!

Downtown Jacksonville Restaurant Guide (Addresses and map can be accessed through the Network App.)

JAX Bar Experience (Addresses and map can be accessed through the Network App.)

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