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The Hyatt Regency - Jacksonville Riverfront

We are excited to be at this newly renovated riverfront property in the heart of Jacksonville's downtown. With three restaurants and a bar on site and dozens within walking distance we are looking forward to an exciting time in Jacksonville.

Things to Do in Jacksonville

  • Skyway - This free monorail system connects both the North and South bank. A 12-minute walk opens the entire city.
  • Rent a Bike - The hotel rents bikes for up to 24 hours. The riverwalk in front of the hotel is a bike path. Feel free to explore.
  • Visit MOSH - The Museum of Science and History is only $5 on Fridays. Take the Skyway to the south bank.
  • Sweet Pete's - You will need the 20 minute walk after being a (big) kid in a candy store.
  • The Beach - It's 32 minutes by car, an hour by public transit, but with high temperatures of 64, why not.

More information coming soon!

Things like restaurants, Disney options, and a link for the water taxi.

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