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Extravaganza 2019 Scholarship Assistance 

Update: All Scholarships have been awarded for Extravaganza 2019. Looking for other ways to find funding? We encourage you to visit the registration page for more ideas on how to make the Extravaganza fit your budget!

All scholarship assistance that we are able to give is given through the Tom Hunstad Scholarship Fund. Policies regarding scholarships:

  1. Apply early - we have a limited number of scholarships to offer each year!
  2. Because we want to be able to spread scholarship assistance among as many people as possible, we ask all those applying for scholarships to check with other possible funding sources prior to making this application. Those might include: Your congregation, if a student, your educational institution, your local Thrivent chapter/community, your synod.
  3. Scholarship assistance is offered up to a maximum of the amount of Extravaganza registration ($280 in 2019).
  4. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to offer financial assistance for travel, housing or food.
  5. Please do not register for the Extravaganza until after scholarship assistance has been awarded. If you register and pay, we are unable to go back and reimburse you.
  6. After you apply, you will be notified within two weeks
  7. After a scholarship has been awarded, you will receive a special registration code. Please register online with that code and it will deduct the amount of the scholarship from your registration fee automatically.
  8. If you decide later not to attend the Extravaganza, you must notify us prior to December 31, 2018. At that point, we've ordered materials and food for you and have incurred cost. If you do not notify us, you may be responsible for those costs. You must notify both our scholarship coordinator and our registrar.
  9. Scholarship applications close at midnight on December 31, 2018 or when we have reached our allotment for the year.
  10. If you have any questions, please contact our scholarship coordinator, Wendy Black.

All scholarships for Extravaganza 2019 have been awarded and we are no longer accepting submissions.  Please visit our costs page for other ideas to help make the Extravaganza affordable!  

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