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2017-2018 3TC Schedule:

  • September 19:  "Ministry with Kids on the Fringe" with Tim Cryer & Heather Carufel
  • October 17:  "ELCA World Hunger for Kids & Teens" with Phil LaDeur and Ryan Cumming
  • November 21: "The Discipling Cohorts Initiative" with Heather Hansen, Julie Wilson and Todd Buegler
  • December 19: "The Importance of Talking about Sex with Youth" with Kara Hauge
  • January 16:  "Youthworks" with Erica Schimelpfenig
  • February 20:  To be announced
  • March 20:  To be announced
  • April 17:  To be announced
  • May 15:  To be announced
All 3TC Webinars begin at:
  • 2pm Eastern Time
  • 1pm Central Time
  • 12pm Mountain Time
  • 11am Pacific Time
Other details:  We use online webinars.  You can log in to a special webinar site and listen to the conversation while watching images on your screen.  Or, you can do video on your computer screen and dial in to listen on the phone.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions as well.

The next 3rdTuesday Conversation:

Date:  December 19, 2017

Guest:  Kara Haug

Topic: It's one of the most controversial topics we can address in the life of the church.  In some congregations, it's the metaphorical third rail:  touch it and you get zapped.  It's human sexuality.

It's also essential for young people to know and understand.  It's a part of our identity, it's a part of who God created us to be; and when God looked at us, God said "and it is good."

So how do we have these conversations?  

Kara Haug studied sexual health education and counseling at the University of Michigan and lives in Sacramento, California.  She'll helps us think through this difficult topic and how we can address it in positive ways in our congregations.

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