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  Our Upcoming Schedule:
 September 17  "Talking about Alternative Year Programs"
   - Rev. Josh Graber
 October 15  "Worship with Families"
     - Peder Eide
 November 19  "Design, Curriculum & Ministry"
    - Bethany Stolle
 December 17  "Outdoor Ministry"
    - Layne Nelson
 January 20  "Vibrant Faith Ministries"
    - Dr. Nancy Going
 February 17  "ELCA Youth Gathering Details Panel"
    - Kim Adams (Transportation Team) and
      Charlie Roberts (Community Life Team)
 March 17  "Social Media & Ministry"
    - Keith Anderson
 April 21  "Grief & Loss"
    -Lyle Griner
 May 19  "Authenticity in Ministry & Life"
    -Rev. Karen Stevensen

Times:  All 3TC conversations begin at:
  • 2pm Eastern Time
  • 1pm Central Time
  • 12 noon Mountain Time
  • 11am Pacific Time

Our conversations: We use online webinars.  You can log in to a special webinar site and listen to the conversation while watching images on your screen.  Or, you can watch on the computer while calling in and listening on your phone.

You will have opportunities to ask questions as well.


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3rd Tuesday Conversations  are monthly gatherings of friends.  They are great continuing education events.  They are chances to hear from, and interact with experts in the field.  3TC conversations are free for Network members.

Guest:  Rev. Karen Stevensen
Topic:   Authenticity in Ministry & Life
Date:    May 19, 2015
Time:    1:00pm-1:30pm (central time)

About Our Topic:

Karen is a licensed therapist, pastor, life coach and teacher. Join us for a conversation about how to live into your true self and engage with people authentically in ministry and life. 

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