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The 2024 Extravaganza will bring together over 1,000 innovative leaders in children, youth and family ministry, the best teachers, speakers and musicians, resource providers, partners and more.  Together we will renew, educate and connect as we work to discover and discern God's dreams (and ours!) for the ministry we are called to. This year, you don't want to miss out!


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MartinsList: Open Source Ministry

Are you trying to plan a Bible study?  Do you need a retreat outline?  Maybe an activity about Martin Luther or a blessing of graduates?  If so, thechances are good that one of your colleagues has written one.  And maybe they've shared it on MartinsList!  This is a site for Network members to share resources they have created, and to download what they need.  And it's included in your "plus" membership!

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3rdTuesday Conversation Logo3rdTuesday Conversation on AI & Ministry

The current episode of the Network's 3rdTuesday Conversation podcast explores the profound intersections of artificial intelligence and ministry,unraveling the future of faith in the digital age. We will discuss the ethics of using AI and "how much is too much."  It's a great conversation.  (This promo piece was written by Chat GPT) 

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