Main Stage PlayExtravaganza 2024 is a Wrap!

Extravaganza 2024 was an amazing event! 800 people gathered in New Orleans for spiritual renewal, great continuing education and opportunities for networking and connection. The music, the speakers, the workshops, the exhibit area...all of it helped us to think of new ways to "dream" God's holy dreams for our ministry. Thanks to all of you who were a part of it.  


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Martins List LogoMartinsList: Open Source Ministry

Are you trying to plan a Bible study?  Do you need a retreat outline?  Maybe an activity about Martin Luther or a blessing of graduates?  If so, thechances are good that one of your colleagues has written one.  And maybe they've shared it on MartinsList!  This is a site for Network members to share resources they have created, and to download what they need.  And it's included in your "plus" membership!

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Stephanie CaroOasis Webinar on Volunteers

The next Oasis Webinar is coming up April 18, 2024 at 12pm (central time). Our special guest teacher is Stephanie Caro, who is the Veteran Lead Consultant at Ministry Architects. The topic is "Post Pandemic Volunteers: It's a Weird Phase, Right?"  Come and learn more about how we connect with our volunteers in a changing world.

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