Network Partner Organizations

  Partnerships are more than what the Network “does”, or “is involved with.”  Partnerships are a part of our DNA.  It is literally through healthy, vibrant partnerships that this Network was formed, and largely through them that it has been sustained. 

Our Vision of partnerships:
That focused networks are connected, relationships are strengthened, gifts are discovered and greater potential unleashed within all communities.

Partnerships within the scope of the Network are complicated.  There are both relational and financial components to be tended.  As the Network has grown in scope, and as financial resources from other sources have diminished, there is a need to better clarify and define these relationships.  Our partner organizations hold values and practices that are not in conflict with the mission and vision of the Network as set by its Board of Directors and as interpreted by its Executive Director.  To that end, the Network maintains categories of partnership that hopefully enhance the relationships between the Network and its partner organizations.

Of course, all of the items that the Network provides for our partner organizations are available to non-partner groups as well, on an ala-carte basis.

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